2022/10/19 IBST G5&6 Reader Theater Preliminary Contest Results

Dear IBST,

Many thanks for your patience.
We had finished the Reader Theater preliminary contest for G5 and G6 students.

Judges are very excited to see the young talent in G5 and G6 class. We have selected the following students as successful candidates from Try-Out for the IBST. The students will receive a form, and will need to confirm their interest in participating in the Reader Theater of IBST. 

Reader Theater Team members of IBST

  G6 Ariel Li, Cathrine, Chloe, Emily, Nethuki,
  G5 Jasper,  Maile, Viswan 

Back-Up students

  G6 Mindy
  G5 Carly

Many Congratulations to these students.

We want to thank everyone for their excellent effort in participating at the 2023 IBST Pre-Reader Theater Competition. Many thanks *especially* to the organizers for their excellent job and for all judges (Ms. GoldSmith/ Mr. Watson/ Mr.Bizon).

If you do not see your name on the list - do not despair yet! Bear in mind that if you are in Grades 5 and below- you are still eligible to join next year's selection.

Lastly, well done to everyone for the excellent effort and please keep a close eye for further announcements.