2022/05/24 Urgent Notice: Mayor Clarifies Doubts About BNT Vaccination in School緊急通知:關於兒童BNT疫苗校園集中施打疑慮市長澄清

Urgent Notice for Parents, In accordance with the updated decision of Tainan City Government, Parents who want to reserve BNT Vaccine for their child/children, please visit the following links to register from now on as there are approximately 300ish authorized hospitals and clinics are available for your reservation. Even Though, Tainan city government is still willing to arrange for students to be vaccinated at school. The exact date will be announced after confirmation with the school nurse. For more detail, please continue to pay attention to IBST website and FB.

Tainan City Register Website:

NCKU Hospital Register Website
Chi-Mei Hospital Register Website
(From 2022/5/25 8:00)


(提醒家長covid-19 確診者三個月內不得接種疫苗!!)



  • 5-11 歲第 1 劑兒童 BNT 疫苗已開放預約。
  • 12-17 歲第 1 次追加劑預約已開放,限預約 BNT 。
  • 網址:
  • 可接種門診持續增設中。

****成大醫院、奇美醫院加開 5-11 歲兒童 BNT 疫苗接種
     2022/5/25 (三)上午 8 點開放網路預約