2022/06/16 Notice about Extended virtual Learning and 2nd Semester Final Exam

Dear IBST parents and students:

The end of semester is around the corner. Hope you are doing great and all of your families stay healthy.

Here are some Notice about the Final Exam:

G1-G6 will follow the Tainan City Government announcement.

            1. Follow the schedule organized by the Homeroom teacher.
            2. Students will have final different types of assessments arranged by subject teachers.
            3. Continue virtual learning until June 24th.
            4. For the last week of the semester, June 27 ~ June 30,
                continue with the arrangement for the final exam no matter if the school is virtual or physical.

G7-G11 students will have a physical Final Exam on June 28th and 29th. 

Please notice that the student who is diagnosed positive, quarantined or with a fever (over 37.5°C) is not allowed to enter campus and the exam date needs to be rearranged.

   *For those who plan to take pandemic preventive leave.
     Make-up Exam will be scheduled in June 30th afternoon (Thursday) to July 1st(Friday)

   *For those who are unable to show up for a physical Final Exam due to confirmed case, quarantine, 
    make-up exam date will be scheduled case by case.

During the physical teaching or exam days when students are asked to come back to school, the school lunch program will continue to be available, for your reference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact teachers or admins via email or phone calls.

Best Regards