2023/03/01 IBST G3-6 English Read Aloud Preliminary Contest Results

Deas IBST,
Many thanks for your patience.
We had finished the English Read Aloud preliminary contest for G3-G6 students.

Judges are very excited to see your talent. We have selected the following students as successful candidates from Try-Out for the IBST.

  G6 Emily Watson

Many Congratulations to the students.

We want to thank everyone for their excellent effort in participating at the 2023 IBST Pre-English Read Aloud Competition for Tainan City Language Contest. Many thanks *especially* to all judges, coach for their excellent job.


Lastly, well done to everyone for the excellent effort and please keep a close eye for further announcements.


Any questions or concerns, please contact IBST 5052916 ext.7105 (Jing Wang)