2023/04/12 Praise Application for Tainan City Outstanding Students

Praise Application for Tainan City Outstanding Students

 Regular for Tainan City outstanding students (none of sports)
Download: Regular for Tainan City outstanding students (Sports)

1. Praise Date: June. 3rd, 2023 (Tentative)
2. Apply Deadline: Before Mar. 14th/ April 21st (Hand in the hard copy of check list and proved documents to Mr. Webb, like competition handbook or participants list)
3. Praise Application for Tainan City outstanding students
    a. The first round : The event during May. 1st, 2022 to Mar. 31st, 2023 (Due Mar. 14th)
    b. Second round :  The event during Apr. 1st, 2023 to Apr. 30th, 2023 (Due Apr. 21st)
a. Participate in international competitions win the top six, and this group should have participants from more than three countries. 
b. Participate in national competitions win the top three , and there should be more than five counties and cities in this group.
c. Participate in national competitions get the top three or be selected as national players.
d. national competitions, top three and there should be five counties in this group.
Note: Activities will Invite the mayor to present prizes and take a group photo. 
P.s. please double check never been awarded and can't repeat apply at the same time.

Download: Check list (none of sports)

Download: Check list (Sports)

Download: Check list (All for english version)

Any problems, please contact office 06-5052916#7102